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About Us

About Us

We strive to build equitable relationships with our clients and residents. While utilizing our expertise, we hope you will find your experience with us both professional and friendly. We look for to working with you soon.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a complete Property Management firm that is always professional and brings to its’ clients the expertise and knowledge required to stay ahead in the field of management, leasing & maintenance. We have hired those individuals with backgrounds in real estate and property management and continue to educate our staff to ensure our clients that we will in fact remain experts in the property management industry.

Team Members

Betty Snyder, Property Management Director
Office: (317) 663-8485
Email: betty@zuluscape.com

Mike Hassell, Leasing Manager
Cell Phone: (812) 480-0922
Email: mike@zuluscape.com

Judy Dages, Property Manager
Office: (317) 663-8485
Email: judy@zuluscape.com

Dena Woodgett, Property Manager
Office: (317) 663-8485
Email: dena@zuluscape.com

Joan Gibson, Controller
Office: (317) 663-8485
Email: joan@zuluscape.com

Jamie Richardson, Sales Coordinator/Leasing
Office: (317) 663-8485
Email: jamie@zuluscape.com

Taylor Williams, Leasing
Cell: (317) 603-5890
Email: taylor@zuluscape.com

Connor Richardson, Maintenance Coordinator
Office: (317) 663-8485
Email: connor@zuluscape.com